Sell Your Home

Selling Your Home? We’ve Got Options!

When you work with Amen Real Estate to sell your home, you’ll quickly find that we work a little differently than most brokerages
and give you the options to get your home sold, fast!

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Different Sales Options to Suit Your Needs


Traditional Sale

We aren’t just going to stick a sign in the ground and wait for offers. We will work with you to market your home through creative, proven strategies that will reach thousands and attract the right kind of buyers specially for your home.

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10K For Upgrades

Small improvements such as flooring, painting, and landscaping can net you up to $50,000 MORE in your pocket when your home closes.

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SNAP Offer

We are well-aware of how much your home means to you and that’s why we promise to give you a low-risk, personalized experience every step of the way. Let us help you avoid the traditional hassles of home buying so you can get excited for what’s next.

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Buy Before You Sell

In this market, contingent offers aren’t being accepted. But what if you sell your home and you haven’t found your dream home yet? And you definitely don’t want to miss out on this hot seller’s market!

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