Laseyl Paynes


DRE #02215814


[email protected]

I was born in Oakland, Ca, raised in Richmond, CA and currently live in Sacramento.

I got into real estate to educate people on the homebuying process and becoming homeowners. I bring security and trust to my clients. What I love about real estate is the team that I work with. We’re continuing to educate ourselves and assist teammates in being better consultants. We’re always looking out for our client’s best interest and making their dreams come true with their help. I truly believe that I was called to protect people and knowing what Team Amen does for clients, I know I’m in the right place.

A lot of people don’t know this, but I am challenged by a physical disability that I have to live with forever. I suffer from permanent nerve damage in both my hands from my previous career at the animal shelter for roughly 10 years. This causes chronic pain for me on a regular basis so I went through a function restoration program to help me better cope with this lifelong issue. Even though it can affect my job output, I am determined to help as many people as possible achieve home ownership.