Kathleen Lugenbeal


DRE #02187522


[email protected]

Kathleen Lugenbeal hails from the vibrant city of Fairfield, California, and has been calling Sacramento her home for approximately five years. With a strong ethos of hard work and an innate passion for assisting others, Kathleen found her calling in the realm of real estate. Guided by her desire to make a meaningful impact and fueled by the prospect of sharing in the joy of fulfilling dreams, she embarked on a journey to help individuals find their perfect homes or seamlessly navigate the process of selling their cherished properties.
Kathleen’s unwavering work ethic, instilled through a lifetime of dedication, serves as the cornerstone of her approach to real estate. Born and raised in the very area she now serves, her profound knowledge of the local landscape is matched only by her commitment to excellence. Armed with a wealth of insights into the market and a comprehensive understanding of home buying and selling, Kathleen brings a holistic and well-rounded perspective to her clients.
One of the defining aspects of Kathleen’s journey is her deep-rooted belief in the power of collaboration and continuous learning. With a strong foundation in education and a knack for staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends, Kathleen is equipped to provide her clients with invaluable guidance and informed decisions. Her affiliation with a dynamic team amplifies her capabilities, enabling her to offer a collective pool of knowledge and expertise.
For Kathleen, the essence of real estate lies in the heartwarming connections she forms with individuals at pivotal junctures of their lives. She derives immense satisfaction from assisting both seasoned homeowners and newcomers alike, stepping in when confusion sets in, and expertly guiding them towards the finish line. Witnessing the culmination of their journeys and being met with gratitude and appreciation is a reward that fuels her dedication.
Beyond her professional pursuits, Kathleen stands as a testament to resilience and compassion. As a devoted single mother of two, she recognizes the importance of trust and comfort, making it her mission to instill confidence in her clients. With every interaction, Kathleen aims to assure others that she stands by their side, ready to provide steadfast support and unwavering commitment.