Beatrice Jefferson


DRE #02227937


[email protected]

Born in Mansfield, Ohio, my journey through life led me to various corners of California. At the age of 4, my family and I relocated to the vibrant city of San Francisco, and by the time I turned 5, we found ourselves settling in Sacramento, where I have called home ever since.
My experiences in Sacramento have been diverse, having lived in different neighborhoods such as South Sacramento, North Sacramento, Citrus Heights, and Natomas. These various locales have contributed to the rich tapestry of my life.
From a young age, I harbored a dream that would later become my life’s passion. At the tender age of 11, the world of real estate captivated my imagination. A genuine desire to assist others and a profound sense of fulfillment from helping clients realize their dream homes propelled me into the realm of real estate. The opportunity to meet individuals from all walks of life is a joy that adds depth to my professional journey.
In my role as a real estate professional, I am committed to exceeding expectations. I find true satisfaction only when I witness the genuine contentment of my clients. Whether it involves working overtime or going above and beyond, I am unwavering in my dedication to ensuring my clients’ needs are met.
Real estate is not merely a profession for me; it is a conduit for serving others and constantly expanding my knowledge. Every interaction, every transaction is an opportunity to learn, whether it be something that benefits me personally or enhances the experience for my clients.
On a personal note, my interests extend beyond the world of real estate. I find joy in do-it-yourself projects, particularly relishing the art of remodeling. Cooking is a therapeutic endeavor for me, and I relish spending quality time with my family, friends, and my beloved pups. My favorite color, a symbol of my vibrant spirit, is pink. Above all, being a mom is my greatest joy. I never believed in love at first sight until I became a mother. However, despite my love for the diverse wonders of life, I harbor a quirky fear – I am, inexplicably, scared of frogs!