Nia Chicas

Nia Chicas, a dedicated professional in the real estate sector, has immersed herself in this industry for a span of two years. Concurrently, she is pursuing her education at the University of California Davis with a major in International Relations. Her aspiration is to further her academic journey by attending law school, where she intends to specialize in Real Estate Law.

One of the things that Nia finds most gratifying about her career in real estate is the opportunity to establish enduring connections and foster them. She thrives in the dynamic environment of the real estate field, where she faces constant challenges while receiving unwavering encouragement. Nia is especially appreciative of the supportive atmosphere at Amen Real Estate, where success in all aspects of life is actively promoted.

For Nia, education is the cornerstone of her job satisfaction. She values how her current role not only delineates the path to success but also equips her with the essential knowledge and tools to achieve it. Moreover, the environment encourages her to seize the opportunities it offers.